Established in 2019, LA PIPA is a non-profit creation and innovation community focused on solving today´s changing world challenges.
We aim to help people find more connected solutions to pressing business challenges.  We also assist others in exploring initiatives rooted in personal passions that could allow them to fulfil their dreams and purposes and perhaps live a better life.
 A sandbox that blends Data Science, Robots, Entertainment, Media, Tech, Music, sustainability and more combined through strategic design.
From an old Cider Mill built of stone in 1892.
An Independent project
People led
Home to a global network
Non for profit
Open innovation & collaboration
 Imagination in action
Life Hackers
Self sufficient
Managed collectively

Northern Spain has a strong digital, data and innovation ecosystem which has replaced traditional mining and steel industries in less than 30 years with a shining local talent base and a large community of international talent living and working in the region.
Gijón is also the safest town in Spain and in Southern Europe. It has attracted the attention of young professionals and their families seeking opportunities in this location where the quality of life is also exceptional.
This combination has created a "digital paradise" in Europe; great to live in and work from that attracts a growing community of international talent.
LA PIPA is a 2-hour flight from major European capitals yet surrounded by spectacular mountains, forests with breathtaking coastline cliffs and beaches.
Our world is digital, and that's why we work from an old 1800´s solid stone cider mill in Somió, a thriving R&D, technology & innovation district in Asturias, northern Spain.
A unique space to focus on the challenges of change in the machine age.
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