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Ron Evans runs the show when it comes to #hacking, #robots and GO programming @LA PIPA.
Ron is a North American award-winning software developer and expert in robotics/IoT/computer vision. He runs The Hybrid Group and is also known as @deadprogram in the free and open source community. 
He has helped many clients such as AT&T, Apple, Intel, Northvolt and Sphero solve some of their most difficult technical and business problems.

Ron is a very active speaker, keynoting and presenting at industry conferences around the world such as MakerFaire, OSCON, GopherCon, FOSDEM, and the MIT Technology Review. 
He has been profiled in the press by Wired, Fast Company, and The New York Times​. Ron has published videos for Pearson and O'Reilly, as well as written articles for MSNBC, BYTE Magazine, and the Direct Marketing Association. 
He was awarded Intel's “Top Innovator” in both 2017 and 2018 as well as a recipient of the "Ruby Hero"​ award in 2014.

Ron is an active code contributor to many open source hardware/software projects, and is the creator of the open source IoT/robotics framework Gobot (https://gobot.io) and computer vision framework GoCV (https://gocv.io), alongside being a maintainer of TinyGo (https://tinygo.org). 
He also created the award-winning KidsRuby (http://kidsruby.com), free software to help teach Ruby programming to kids. 
After relocating from Los Angeles, Ron is now making the game on the international stage from Asturias where he lives with his family.
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